About Us


Alan had been working in the open cut mining industry for over 45 years, working for both mine owners, mining contractors and more recently as a consultant. His experience has been gained in the UK, Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Although he has been involved in the extraction of minerals and precious metals, most of his career had been in coal mining.

For the last 25 years, Alan had been working in Indonesia, and held positions as General Manager of a mining company, Advisor to the Board of Directors for PT Pamapersada Nusantara, Indonesia’s largest mining contractor, and Operations Director at PT Berau Coal before establishing PT Britmindo.

Alan was a Chartered Engineer who had presented many papers and publications on mining issues. He was a Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers (MICE) and a Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (FAusIMM).

Employees and friends recognized him as a teacher, a good father to the family and a Leader who had an incredible passion in loving his job. He motivated employees and provided a golden opportunity for us to be able to apply outstanding ideas in every work we perform.

Alan unfortunately passed away all too soon in 2015, a day after his 67th Birthday. He will always be remembered and cherished as our founding father, mentor and inspirational leader


PT Indos Cakra Mandiri is established in November 2013, and it has a special meaning :

  • Indos  : stands for Indonesia Source, means that Indonesia has natural resources such as Mineral and qualified Human Resource.
  • Cakra  : means that by reflceting 7 Elements of Balance and main function of life.
  • Mandiri : means that the Company is able to grow with time and technology.



PT INDOS CAKRA MANDIRI shall give essential and positive values for Customers solution.


PT INDOS CAKRA MANDIRI provide solutions that fit to the needs of domestic market and international business.




PT Indos Cakra Mandiri provides professional personnel with expertise competence in their respective fields, and has discipline and motivation to provide the best in their work.


PT Indos Cakra Mandiri provides Innovative and Positive image fit to the Client needs.


PT Indos Cakra Mandiri is able to contribute based on the field and gives a positive impression, in every services, both to the Client and Internal Company.


PT Indos Cakra Mandiri has solid and reliable Human Resources in the collaboration on each line of management and focus on achievement of work based on Client expectations.